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Candy Cute And Crazy at Ohio State Reformatory

I recently sent a hair accessory I made to Grace, who modelled for these photos; and I was so excited about the result I interviewed them both and did an article. Enjoy! :D

Photographing Fantastical Narrative

Grace, model and creator of Domythic Bliss, loves anything with a narrative; becoming a part of a story is what she does best, and the more fantastic and mythic the better. Her many fans and friends follow her posts because of the magical worlds she shares with us, and even more, we love seeing her face become part of those stories. She says, "And the more surreal or fantastical the story, the better."


Photographer Jace, who travels from Ohio to Florida shooting his subjects, and who has been a professional photographer for many years now, is at his most creative with variety, so their collaboration at the OSR event was a perfect match.

But that immediacy is preceded by great imagination and preparation, from spending hundreds of dollars on props, everything from skulls to dresses, to imagining the story he wants to tell. For this shoot, he was inspired by Isla Fisher's crazed character in Wedding Crashers whose prettiness hides her insanity – revealed when she threatens with wide, crazy eyes "but if you ever leave me!"

I love these gorgeous photos, the dresses look smashing on Grace, and so of course I was delighted to see the flower barrette I sent to Grace accessorizing. Purchase Grace's dresses from Lindy Bop, or get yourself her blue flower barrette (handmade by me).

If you would like to collaborate with either of these two wonderful creatives, Grace can be found on Model Mayhem and Facebook. Jace's photography can be found at his portfolio JRD Photography .


FULL ARTICLE here and more photos!

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