Hi, Spooky Ghouls~

Remember trick or treating? Yes, well there was always the neighbor who gave you Snickers and the one that gave you pennies. Also, the urban legend of razor laced apples, popular in the 70's & 80's, but that never happened. Come to think of it, getting fruit instead of candy is its own particular horror as well, but at least you could eat it. I feel like comparing my life this week to candy & pennies & fruit.

CANDY~ I do a shit ton of volunteer work and I keep it very quiet in my real life. I do it because it matters to me & I have the time and inclination. I rarely tell people. I do put out appeals when it's necessary & usually get given back 10 fold. Sweet.

Anyway, tonight I was involved in the prep for a benefit concert for a woman from my town with stage 4 cancer. I saw soooo many women I haven't seen in years!!! Among them, as we were carrying in our shit, was a woman I LITERALLY (no shit) dropped my things to hug. I met her in Tortola when my ex & I eloped back in 1989. She & her now husband were in the sand with us as we married. Her boyfriend & my ex-husband were surfing friends. Fast forward 3 months from then & we were in the sand in Jersey witnessing their marriage. They are still together with teen-age children. Me, nope. I was so happy to see her and catch up on so many years gone by.

FRUIT~ I asked her if I would see her on Sunday, the day of the benefit. She smiled and took my hand & said, "Yes." Over my shoulder I heard another woman say, "She doesn't know." My friend said, "That's okay. Krabby. The benefit is for my sister with stage 4 cancer. I'll see you Sunday." I felt awful. She was so kind.

PENNIES~ Fuck cancer, hard.

I also feel Candy, Fruit & Pennies about the state of voter & women's rights in our country this week, but I just can't articulate it right now. Instead,


Give your own Candy, Fruit, Penny thoughts, if you care to. Thanks for listening :)