So, we got home from the vet a bit ago. She ate some glass. Fortunately she had her breakfast about an hour before she did so, so her food was there to encase most of it we hope. X rays were taken ($147).

Deciding between surgery, inducing vomiting, or waiting for it to pass, I chose inducing vomiting ($62) - there was a chance some of it had already moved into her intestines since it she probably ate it shortly after I left to do laundry.

So they gave her some medicines to make her vomit, which naturally the vet techs were thrilled about, but it’s part of the job. Then some subcutaneous fluids ($45) to gently rehydrate her from all the vomiting. Then an injection to keep her from vomiting any more ($60 for three units). They let us hang out for a bit, as vomiting a bunch is pretty exhausting, and sent us home with more of her prescription food ($8) (since she lost a can today), some prescription high-fiber food ($8) to help her pass what’s left, and some free samples of her prescription food (yay!)

Came in at just under $400. Could have been worse, and I really appreciate the staff and doctors accommodating us coming in with a semi-emergency during lunchtime.

Now let’s look at her X-rays!


That sort of gravelly looking stuff is the glass


You can see the glass as a slightly whiter clumping, and you can also see one of the fatty tumors on her chest wall there.


There’s the glass in her tummy again! and you can also see some impending poop in her large intestine. That hasn’t come out yet. I’m supposed to keep feeding her small amounts, maybe add some canned pumpkin, and let her get plenty of naps but also some walks to keep her bowels moving.


Her tummy really was quite full when we came in.

I’m really glad I took her in. I figured it was unlikely that she swallowed any glass, but after I saw that she had carried a mouthful to her bed (like she sometimes does with kibble or biscuits), I figured it was better safe than sorry.