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Cannabis for dogs?

Anyone have any relevant experience you can share?

Because nothing can ever be easy with Buster, since the 4th he’s started barking nonstop whenever I’m gone (this is new — he hates fireworks, but he’s always been fine as soon as they’re done).


One of my co-workers suggested trying pot — there are oils/treats made specifically for dogs. I’ve heard it can be very effective, but everything is third-hand, which isn’t the most trustworthy. (I called his vet, obviously, but I’m still waiting to hear back).

Buster can’t do sedatives because of his liver issues. None of the ThunderShirt sizes fit him. Day care probably isn’t an option because of his bite record and his fear aggression toward other dogs since his surgery. My neighbor who watched him after surgery is dealing with a family emergency and can’t help. And my other neighbors are going to freak if I can’t get him under control. So I’m kind of at my wit’s end.

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