It’s 1.30 in the morning, and we’re still working. We started at 10am. There’s a load of jars full of pear butter in the canner, a 7 quart crockpot full of apples for sauce, and we’re about to start the honeyed pears. We’ve already made: a dozen half-pint jars of apple butter, a dozen jars of apple-maple jam, a dozen jars of apple-raisin conserve, half a dozen pints of applesauce, 5 quarts and 5 pints of cinnamon apple slices, 8 12 oz jars of tomato basil sauce, and a dozen half-pints + 1 pint of pear butter.

There’s still a half-bushel of apples that need something done with them, and a box of 30 red apples destined to become brandied apple rings. Oh, and a boxful of jalapeños to pickle.

We started with 2 1/2 bushels of apples*, 50 pounds of pears, and 25 pounds of tomatoes. We have done a shit-ton of work today.


*So, we picked 2 1/2 bushels of apples at the orchard last weekend. Which is a hell of a lot of apples to deal with. Last night, we had just started doing the apple butter when the doorbell rang. It was the kid from next door... with a whole boxful of apples (about another 1/2 bushel) from his mom! She knows Bestie does a lot of canning, and so when they picked all the apples from their tree, she didn’t know what to do with them, and so sent them over here!