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Cannot believe I fell for a fake story

I saw Brooke Baldwin interview this man who played as Santa. He said a child died in his arms. I believed it. I found story online amd filled up with tears. I thank god I did not post it here. The story seems totally fake. Its amazing how if a story plays your emotions and Santa Claus is involved how easy it is to believe.

Here is the story online.

Terminally ill boy, 5, dies in Santa’s arms after being granted last wishA Father Christmas actor has told of how he thought he might never be able to play the role again… Read on independent.​co.​uk


Also many other websites and news organizations covered it.

Now it appears false. Totally fake.

What Santa And The Dying Child Story Teaches Us About Fake News, Data And VerificationEven in a week preoccupied with coverage of “fake news” an unverified story goes viral and offers a … Read on forbes.​com


I did find it odd that the mother was outside the room. If that was my mother no way she would have left. They all knew the child was about to die and the nurse saId to come right over. I would think hospitals would have procedures for dying child that it would be family only. Also the nurse seemed to have taken it upon herself to call. You would think the nurse would have said the family wants you to come. Of course is inviting Santa even something she can do?

Also “local hospital” is vague. Which? Also I would think in intensive care units people would be logged in when entering. So if he was there I would think there would be a log.


I like Brooke and many other outlets fell for it hook line and sinker.

2016 sucks.

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