Several months ago a friend of mine wrote me a long, rambling facebook message. In this message, she told me that she felt religiously persecuted and personally attacked for being a Christian by some articles I had posted recently. (This was around the time of the Duck Dynasty crap and essentially I was posting response pieces from different CHRISTIAN thinkers, most of the left leaning persuasion, who were breaking down what had happened and providing arguments for why it's not okay to use scripture as means for discriminating against people. )

So, last week, I posted a video with a clip of Jean Kilbourne's Killing Us Softly 4, about airbrushing, photoshop, sexualization of young girls, etc. I just got the following comment: As a former model, this makes me angry. I have hundreds of unaltered photos in my portfolio, with the Polaroids next to the tear sheets to prove this isn't so. I will say that duck tape, makeup and the right lighting is everything as even the thinnest and healthiest models have problem areas. There are just too many 17 year old, pretty girls for companies to choose from, with no real flaws for them to spend the time and money altering photos. Professional models spend every moment working on diet, exercise, castings, PR work ... it's not the celebrity lifestyle we think it is, and we get paid good money because we fit an incredibly tiny minority group.

Yeah. K. I don't know what to say here and I hate arguing period, so I just...won't. Ugh. Also, my sleeping pill is kicking in but this comment gave me a sadz.