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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Am I Going Crazy?

Or did Jessica just recycle an old Miley Cyrus post in response to the criticism that they didn't address the racism inherent in her performance last night? I'm getting serious deja vu, and the 10 billion comments in 10 minutes suggests I'm right, but I'm still not sure...

ETA: At this point I feel like Jessica is personally trolling me, so I'm gonna start writing this post on Miley's performance for Groupthink. It might take me a little while because I want to make sure it's probably sourced and referenced, so if you can think of good articles/tweets/sources that help explain Miley's racist ass, put them in the comments so I can find them all easily and link to them. Will full attribution to you of course!


ETA #2: Still working on the post, but I got some of the great sources you posted and I'm including as many as I can. Can't reply to everyone just yet but I will when I publish.

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