Past 3am, and here I sit, staring at the screen... this sucks. Having the computer to myself is an exciting novelty these days, which doesn’t help. I don’t want to put it down, because I don’t know when I’ll get another chance!

This stupid cold has me all messed up. I tried to lie down, and I swear, somebody started filling my head with rubber cement. It’s so bad that I woke up in a panic from a dream that someone was trying to smother me, because I apparently closed my mouth while I was sleeping, which meant I was trying to, like, draw air in through my ears or something. There sure as hell wasn’t any air coming in through my nose!

At least there’s no appointments today. Once I get kids out the door (the last one leaves at 9.15am), I can nap for a couple hours. Sitting up. Or possibly, in the bathtub, since that was the only way I could breathe all day was steaming the hell out of myself in the tub. I love taking baths. It’s warm, it’s peaceful, I can read...


There’s a bag of chips over there that I’m trying to resist. Sour cream and onion. Yum. I’m trying to save those for next week, for PMS cravings (saaaaalt... giiiive meeeee saaaalt...) Bad enough I already had 2 chocolate cupcakes. What’s that old saying... Feed a cold, starve a fever? Yeah, I’ve been working on that these last 2 days :/


I realized I have a problem I haven’t really had before... and, if I don’t lay off the cupcakes, it won’t be a problem for long! I lost a ton of weight (seriously. Enough that people I barely know were asking me how much I’d lost) while I was having all those gall bladder issues/surgery/hospital stay, and all my underwear is too big. So are my jeans, but at least baggy jeans isn’t really a problem. Baggy underwear, on the other hand... yikes. Not cool.

Speaking of the gall bladder thing, my scars look so weird. The 1 under my breastbone has healed up already so it’s nearly invisible, the other 2 on my tummy are still red and puffy. Also, the one inside my belly button healed weird, so my belly button looks... squished. Like, it drew in on itself. It’s also really sore, and I have to wear an undershirt or tank top tucked in to my jeans so it doesn’t get too irritated. At least it’s cold enough outside now that I don’t melt from the layers.


I’m babbling. I should probably go and at least attempt to sleep for a bit. Gotta get up in less than 3 hours to prod children awake and out the door. See ya later, GT!