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Can't. Stop. Crying.

Over this video of kids being good to each other. A 6 year-old kid who has a speech impediment, which is the result of a brain bleed shortly after birth, likes to wear a jacket and tie every day. He acts as the water boy for a 5th grade biddy league football team. The 5th graders found out that his classmates had been teasing him for his speech impediment and for the way he dressed, so they dressed up in sports coats and ties for the day to show him that they loved him.

I can't stop crying over the 5th grade boy in the red sweatshirt. When he started crying and talking about how the team wanted Danny, the 6 year-old, to know that they loved him, I just lost it. It is a great example of how we can show boys that it's okay to show emotion. And the fact that this all took place in the context of athletics makes it an even better example, I think.


BRB, gotta go wipe the mascara rivers off of my face.

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