I need input from people who have experience with oil heat. But first, a rant.

So, first of all, I am not living in a cold climate. It's been a slightly nippy winter for us, but compared to most of the continent, I KNOW I HAVE IT GOOD.

However, I'm pretty damn sure my oil heater is just plain busted. Because I put $500 worth of fuel in 5 weeks ago, and the tank is now drained. Before that, we put $500 in mid-October, and that lasted us from mid-October to January. We actually thought needed to refill after less than 4 months was a little fast, given our last year usage, but put it off as "damn, it's been cold this winter." BUT, it was much colder during that last 3.5 month window (mid 20-low 30s fahrenheit) than it has been these last 5 weeks (it's been hovering around 40 fahrenheit), so I am pretty damn sure something is wrong with the heater that we managed to go through the same amount of fuel in 5 weeks.

Thank His Noodly Appendage that we sent an email to our property managers in January, and they sent out (THE CHEAPEST, SHITTIEST) repair guy to look at the heater, so we have the issue on their files. Now we can remind them we already complained, and their guy never looked at the exterior tank or the lines, so, uh, maybe that would be smart.


So, to sum up, I will have spent $1000 on oil in the last 6 weeks, and I am still sitting at home covered in 3 blankets with a space heater pointing directly at my face, having to take off work to wait for the fuel guy to come and restart our furnace because we let it run dry AGAIN.

Does this sound right to you guys? How much fuel are you going through this winter? We've only been here 2 winters, and last year it was much milder, so we don't have a great frame of reference, but even the guy at the fuel company said our usage patterns are off over the last few months...