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Can't think of a clever headline

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A lot of the stuff on here about dating has been triggering or me. Is it weird that something like that can be triggering? I don't know, it just is.


I've always lived within a cycle of wanting to be left alone and fearing being left out. It's not even just in terms of romance - I like to spend time on my own, but at the same time I fear my friends abandoning me.

I've had very little luck with dating, and I fear constantly that I have nothing to offer a partner. For now, I can't even afford to date or go out that much.


And yet I'm not sure that it's even about sex - even the mere sensation of being held is something I feel is unattainable at this point. As well, I feel that the older I get as inexperienced with sex, the less likely it will happen.

Let's leave gender out of it for a moment. Has anybody else felt this way?

Edit: thank you for the responses. I feel a little less, er, alone.

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