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So if you’re a nerd, you’ve probably heard by now the news that Series 10 will be Peter Capaldi’s last series as the Doctor. I’m sad about this; it feels like he just hit his stride—I wasn’t a fan of the Always Frowny-Face Twelve we got in Series 8, but the rumply-hair-and-hoodies Series 9 Twelve really sat well with me, and the added tenderness from “Husbands of River Song” seemed to be pointing toward great things. And he’s just about to begin with Bill, and it seems unfair to only get the two of them together for one series—sort of short-changing her, much the way Clara was short-changed with Eleven in favor of Amy. (I swear, if they pull any of that ‘regeneration ghost cameo’ shit again with Clara this time, while Bill just stands there mutely, I’m going to yell at the BBC). And...sigh. I really wanted to see Twelve in an arc not written by Steven Moffat.

I’ve never been a fan of Moffat’s work, beyond the RTD years—I keep trying and retrying Series 5-9, and I won’t deny there are some good episodes in there, but overall Who has just been a continual disappointment for me with Moffat, as absolutely fantastic ideas get set up and then tossed to the wayside in a cloud of sexist fluff and vague characterization. I’m not excited for Chibnall, but I was hoping to at least get a taste of Capaldi when he’s free of some of Moffat’s worse tics.


But enough of the dreary Anti-Moff sadness you’re probably all sick of. (won’t deny that it’s been a bit rancid on the io9 articles lately.) Who should be Doctor 13?! Who is the perfect person to pick up with Bill and continue on into the marvelous universe?

All suggestions are welcome. Please post pictures, so we can ogle your choices.

EDIT: Tracy Bond suggested John Boyega and this is the automatic winner in my book. I’d hate if being in Doctor Who messed up his film career, but please do yourself a favor and imagine him in the TARDIS, dressed to the nines, flicking switches and doing all those fancy monologues. oh my god i love this whole scenario <3 <3 <3

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