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Interesting piece on Salon about a Sikh man who did a Captain America cosplay utilizing his turban and beard.

This kind of struck me because in the aftermath of 9/11, Sikhs were targeted by bigots abnormally dumber than your average bigot who do not know the difference between Sikhs and Muslims. Something that always fascinated me, as I grew up in northern California which has a fairly significant Sikh population, especially in the farming region just north of Sacramento.


Few quick quotes from the article:

I’ve grown accustomed to a Pavlovian response to my presence. Stares. Verbal assaults. So far, that’s as far as it’s gone, though for some turbaned and bearded Americans, a fearful reaction has had tragic physical consequences. So the outcome of this experiment was unknown, which felt both exhilarating and mildly terrifying.

People shook my hands, and a few literally congratulated me. The celebrity-of-the-moment experience was a little overwhelming. But I was jarred out of that trance by a few negative outliers. One man tried to grab my turban. Another yelled, “Captain Arab.” And yet another: “Terrorista!”

It was the most unlikeliest of days for me. Hundreds of strangers came up to me. And we were able to lay to rest any anxieties or inhibitions in those moments — about other people, about the unknown, about ourselves, about violating other people’s personal spaces or not understanding their beliefs. We could simply meet. Say hi.


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