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Captain Johnson has some awesome balls

Seriously, Captain Johnson just said on the news that the New Black Panther Party, the Muslim community*, and a biker group were helping with crowd control.

I don't know how to express effectively the gravity of that statement. Happening in St. Louis. On the news.

To clarify, I think it's an incredibly intelligent and effective move on Captain Johnson's part. I know it will be so so so so much more effective and safe for the community than anything the StLPD can do. Obviously.


There are going to be nutjobs out for his life, though, as he is going to be viewed as bringing them scary Black Muslims to "their city." County PD is going to try to undermine him even more.

You guys, gun shop owners have been talking all week about how sales have soared. We live in a greater metropolitan area full of fuck-ups, meth heads, white trash, and racists. (Don't even get me started on Jefferson County - or meth mountain, as we call it in my family.) People are going to freak the fuck out about the New Black Panther Party.** I had to reassure my mom earlier that they weren't militant - there is no reason to see anything other than good from their presence here. Fuck, they helped prevent a riot last night. I mean, come on — in the racist narrative of scary black violence about to erupt AT ANY MOMENT, they would attack the police, not prevent violence. But logic has no place in this.

*based on twitter feeds, I suspect this is the Nation of Islam. In reality, people are going to think Muslim means terrorist.

**I wasn't alive during the Civil Rights Movement, but I don't recall the Black Panthers being violent then, either.


ETA: OMG you guise, the news is telling me all about how there are white people protesting, too! It's so much more real now. Assholes. Man, the local news has been instigating shit with the way they present materials.

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