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I thought Black Panther and Wonder Woman were far better at world building and being not just great comic book movies but were just simply great movies.


The Kree were arrogant warriors who believed all should subject themselves to them. Ok got it.

I thought a lot of the dialogue was tv seriesesque. I would have thought Fury would have asked far more questions about the Kree and Skrulls then what he did instead it overly focused on funny banter. Funny banter is good but should not be relied on in place of intelligent story centric banter.

The special effects were incredible. From start to end really great.

What annoyed me was the last third. It occurred to me “oh my god the Skrull are the aliens from Alien Nation why didn’t they just make a remake of that movie”. Shifting from a lifetime of considering the Skrull as the most treacherous aliens and one of the most dangerous in Marvel to victims as refugees. Totally annoyed me.


Oh if you never saw Alien Nation to me this is one of the best shows Fox Network ever did. There was talk of a new series showing what happened to the aliens today but it seems to be in development hell.

Also the stereotype of handsome man aka Jude Law being really bad and the “ugly” short weird eared was as being the good guy is a stereotype ages old and a stereotype, the exact one, used in Lost In Space original series.


I would still recommend it but Wonder Woman and Black Panther also Avengers Age Of Ultron were all far better movies.

Your thoughts.

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