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Yes, everyone is ok. No, the kids weren’t with us.

So, last night, we packed up Housemate’s car full of boxes and some small funiture and this morning, we headed out to go up north. The plan was to unpack the car, pick up the kids from A-MIL’s and Husband’s, and head back down here.

We made it less than 5 miles from the house before getting involved in a multi-car pile-up.


All of the people were ok, all of the cars are still driveable, no tickets were issued. Ours had the worst damage (crumple zones do, in fact, crumple! Truth in advertising!), and will need some big time front end work, but seems to be mechanically sound. Thank the gods for good insurance.

My chest is a bit sore from the seatbelt, but we weren’t even going fast enough for the airbags to go off, so that’s good. The lamp shade on my grandma’s lamp got slightly mashed by a box of books that slid into it, but hey, I’m really not complaining. Could have been a LOT worse!

But yeah, I now have 2 unscheduled days off moving because we can’t get a rental car til Monday.

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