My car battery has been dying in the morning a lot recently, and I don't know why. Please help if you have any ideas!

  • The battery is a year and a half old, so well within the 2 year "good" limit. Average life of a battery in this area is around 5 years apparently.
  • I leave nothing plugged in at night. Everything that plugs in is removed. Headlights and interior lights are off. Heater is off and radio is also off. The car is an old base model so apart from the radio there's nothing fancy inside. No power windows, LCD screens or high tech gadgets inbuilt. (Rolling windows up and down builds character.)
  • Parking is uncovered and open and I cannot change that :(
  • Car is a 5 year old 2009 Aveo .
  • AAA guy did some tests and found everything was good. He suggested unplugging everything at night, which I did to no effect. The guy did a battery test, starter test, charging system test and drain test.
  • The car has had a multipoint inspection done this month and nothing was found wrong.
  • I drive an hour (usually more) everyday in half hour segments staggered throughout the day. This may be why the battery does not die during the day. I also try to park in sunshine during the day when possible.
  • I use this awesome gizmo to jump start and it is a lifesaver!!