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Car Insurance, Prozac & The American Dream

I have Progressive and since i'm unemployed right now i need to cancel my car insurance. I'm paying $76 a month for BARE MINIMUM coverage, even though i have never in my life been in a car accident, though i did have one speeding ticket five years ago. I couldn't afford the 76$ even when i was working, but i made it somehow. It's the first thing to go though. I don't "need" my car. Suh dude has a car and his parents are stillllllll paying his car insurance (wtf) It's okay, i can't be that much of a brat about it, both of our parents still pay for our phones too, because they know if they didn't then we wouldn't have cell phones and they'd have no way of calling us.

Yeah we are 24, Suh dude is almost 25. It makes me feel like shit when i think about how much we still need our parents. Suh dude at least went to college... but an art school, lol. He's drowning in student debt, which is exactly why i didn't go to college. We're both fucked. Sometimes i wonder if my parents were our age in 2014 if they would be in our position? Or maybe we're just not smart enough, not working hard enough? I wish i knew how to fucking fix it. We don't even want the american dream. We want to get to the point where we can pay our own bills, have jobs we moderately maybe-enjoy, have a little one or two bedroom shack with a big fenced in backyard so we can have a huge family of doggies! Why does it feel like we will never achieve this?


I would totally be having a panic attack thinking about this but i had my doctor appt today and she prescribed me prozac and xanax. I took a xanax a half hour ago when i started having a panic attack. And now i have noticed i am able to think about money and stuff without feeling like i'm having a heart attack! She said the prozac could take awhile to kick in, but i should get to the point where i wont need the xanax because the prozac will help so much with anxiety. Is this true? I had no idea there was a wonderdrug that helped anxiety and depression at the same time. Do any of you take prozac and want to talk about it? Does it work for you? Do you love it/hate it?

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