How long can I make a car last? For well over a decade, I had a one hour each way commute to and from work. It was sometimes more (snow, rain, sunshine) and for many years was in unpleasant traffic (I-95 and the beltway). It was financially based. Either I couldn’t afford to live close to work or my partner and I worked far apart and lived in the middle. The hidden cost was gas and car wear and tear.

As soon as she stopped working, we moved close to my work. I pay a premium to live close (5 miles) to my work. I save time, gas, and wear and tear on my car. We have a newer car (2015) and an old car (over 10 years). Both are paid for. My goal is to never have a car payment again. I also have to maximize the financial benefits of a short commute. That means old car has to last until we can pay cash for another new car. So 7-9 years. Old car has less than 200,000 miles. I only drive it 3,000 miles a year now. Does this seem feasible? It runs fine. It looks...ok. it just got some work brakes, tires, sprucing.