So I don’t want to sound like an idiot. But when it comes to cars I sort of am I guess? At least I don’t know enough.

When I went to fill up today the gas station guy said I had air in my fuel tank and that I should see a mechanic. There’s a Valvoline nearby so I stopped in there and asked what to do. They said just let the gas level go way low (almost to empty) cause then the air will burn off. But, the car will run rough they said. So my questions are:

a) how does air get into the tank in the first place and is this just a fluke or will it now be something I’m gonna deal with often? (It’s never happened before, the car is a 1999 Toyota Camry) Is it ever related to another system in the car that I should be worried about?

b) will this actually work? and is the gas level in my car accurate even with air in the tank? It was at about 1/4 tank when I went to fill it up and now it’s at 1/2 tank cause the guy didn’t(couldn’t) put any more in.

c) what does running rough even mean? Are we talking stalling or backfiring? Car not starting? Weird noises, jerky motion? Smoke, fire, explosions? I figure if I know what to expect then I can be prepared. And also then I’ll know if whatever is happening is not normal too.

Thanks!!! We should all have this much fun in the car!