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Car shopping or grr to car shop dealers

We need a newish car. My mother wants a 2014. Ours is from the late 90s and is at the point where we need to get repairs almost every six months. My mother believes what she spends in repairs could be used to help pay for a newish car. She thinks the car has most 2 years with many more repair bills.

My brain agrees but my heart says no.

All I can think of is on American Pickers they find, restore and resell cars from 1914 through 1954. Our car is not that old. Yes I realize most who buy these restore cars do not use them as a regular car, but who knows maybe some do.


Yesterday we drive into a car dealership. As we pull in a salesman comes to our car BEFORE we step out. Totally pushy move. My mother rolls down the electric window. He says hi and then he says to her then says “You and your husband here need a car” In one sentence he was put on my shit list. My mother quickly said “he is my son”. No apology. Just “oh ok”.

As we drove home my mother said he barely glanced at me and I was wearing a cap and glasses. That did NOT help. All I could think of was that man who is in his forties cannot tell the difference in our ages which is almost 30 years. If he was in college fine, but not someone around my age. Still on my shit list.

Now this salesman on my shit list now made matters worse inside this time FOR my mother. He wanted to write our name w/last name, adress and phone number. She said all we were doing was lookjng. She just gave first name. He kept persisting saying he would be in trouble if she didn’t. She didn’t.

He showed us a few cars. My thought looking inside was WTH. Why is there a huge tv screen between driver and passenger? He explained its for apps, gps and Sirius. Really? In all the years we have had cars (2 in almost 35 years) we never listened to the radio, the GPS was always on my lap which were written instructions (Only needed like twice a year). Apps? Really.


So not impressed. My mother now wants a sedan not a hatchback. Same type we have now.

Then another dealer came out to help. He looked at our car for a trade in. We have exactly THREE INCHES of rust. Christ all mighty you would think the car was covered in rust. He went hysterical. Find other cars from the late 90s with same amount or less. My mother said pretty much that. He was put on both our shit lists.


Day two of car shopping is coming up. I hate car salesmen.

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