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Car Shopping With Bad Credit Blows Chunks.

  • All I want is a shiny car that's bigger than the one I have, but not beastly. And orange. It'd be sweet to have an orange car. Do you know how many non-descript silver SUVs there are out there?!? Because I do. And I find the ones I like and they want to charge me 19%apr and I'm all
  • So now I get to use my parents as co-signers, which I've tried my darndest to avoid. Because a grown-ass woman needs to handle her own shit, Thankyouverymuch.
  • At least I finally found the right glasses. They're enough like Cosima's (Orphan Black reference) but then also enough like me, that I think they'll be perfect. I found them online. Because looking for unique style in real-life-stores is an impossible feat.
This image was lost some time after publication.
  • And here's the glasses, to those of you who are curious. They're called Bulova Pullman in Havana/Rose. I think I got the last pair at coastal.com but I'm sure they're somewhere else out there:

Way Cute.

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