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PhMom got her paycheck yesterday, but didn't get by the bank right after work. I figured it wouldn't matter, which is so funny, because it turns out it did: we woke up this AM in the negs. So before we hit the store, we went by the bank to deposit it. We get all our groceries, get checked out and....


Okay, it wasn't exactly like that, but that's how it felt. Standing at the front of the store, basket full of groceries, kids getting impatient, and us too broke to feed them. I did not want that to happen. Oh, and Aldi doesn't do credit cards, so that wasn't an option. We checked the bank website, and the check was in, but most of it was in pending. Fortunately, we had the cash to cover the remainder, so it wasn't too mortifying, but still.

So is there nowhere to go but up from here? I have a feeling that isn't the case. In my experience, there's always a lower point.

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