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Cardiac Catheterization - it’s been a fun two days

So after failing my cardiac stress test last week I went in for Cardiac Catheterization Monday morning. It was... not fun.

The procedure was unpleasant but I’m really glad I had it when I did, since they found an artery with a 99% blockage. I feel like I dodged a bullet on this one.


I went home Monday afternoon, but yesterday morning I had shortness of breath and wound up in the ER, then checked in for observation. After a battery of tests and monitoring overnight they decided this morning that I didn’t need an additional procedure, and just needed a change of medication.

I’m home now, and feel okay. I’m starting cardiac rehab on Monday and things look okay for the future, but this has been really scary and hard on me and my family. I’m having a hard time staying positive, but I’m alive and kicking.

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