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Career coach... thing? I don't even know

So after 13 years of being a stay-home parent, I am looking to dip my toe back into the workforce, maybe.

I need a resume, for starters, and I don’t have one. I have exactly zero idea of how to even START a resume that addresses my prior work experience and the 13-year gap and all the soft skills that I truly excel at but have no “formal” documentation for.

NOT TO MENTION the fact that my nearly-deaf ass isn’t going anywhere near a job where I’d have to be on the phone or talking to people a whole lot. I absolutely detest the fact that this is my reality but there’s nothing more I can do about it so I have to work around it.


So would a resume-writing service be a good place to start? Or should I go to some kind of career-counseling/life-coaching person-thing?

I’m sure there are plenty of jobs that I am qualified to do that can also work around my disability but I get halfway through an application and get stuck because I don’t know how to properly address my history. I don’t remember exact dates of places I worked, and in at least two cases, the companies I worked for no longer exist. I need a professional to help me pull all of this together and turn it into something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show a hiring manager.

Help me, HiveMind! 

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