Most white/hippy career problem ever here...

So, I've spotted a job opportunity which I think I'd have a good chance of getting for a Buzzfeed-like site as a trend analyst. I also have the chance to write for them as a contributor. It is an area I would like to go in, and I do love my current job (social media writer) and would enjoy having a greater challenge, more responsibility, etc,.

Howeveeeer I think they have a major culture problem. Firstly, they're pro-gamgergate. Secondly, they use words like "mentally ret**ded" in their articles. Thirdly, one of the editors is an alumni from my uni, and my uni didn't get a reputation for being one of the most sexist universities in the country for nothing. Finally, the way they wrote the job advert makes me want to punch them in the face.

So basically, I love the culture and my work here at my current job, and don't want to risk it to go and be unhappy somewhere else. On the other hand, I'm 70% sure I'd get more money at this other place and it would advance my career significantly. What do I do?