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So, it’s Saturday night, I’m slightly drunk, and bored. Which means it’s time to watch rando shit on youtube (DWTS routines — Beyonce — Lip Sync Battle — more Beyonce — Pickle Juice interview — Frozen songs).

I get this Carefree Pantiliner ad, which is very condescending to men (I swear this isn’t a WHAT ABOUT TEH MENZ) and makes no conceptual sense. The ad has this nice lady with a cosmetic bag full o’ beauty stuff, and the premise is that dudes have no idea all the shit that women do to “feel beautiful” each day.

Y’all, one of the items is a pantiliner. Don’t get me wrong, those are a very useful item. I used them for about a week every month around ye olde menstrual cycle. But a beauty product they ain’t. I get that they are trying to rebrand them as an essential, everyday item. Of course this involves some subtle shaming - “you can wear these everyday, if you want to feel fresh” because GROSS otherwise with your stinky lady vagina grossness. AND SMELLS!!!! Apparently we ladies don’t understand how bathing works, either.


And then somehow it comes back to — wait for it — whatever women need to do to feel beautiful is what’s important. Implied, of course, is that your ladyflower not smell like an actual crotch.

Also, what the fuck do rando dudes have to do with whether or not I use a pantiliner? Like, these are designed to catch period blood, not use the adhesive to stick men to my panties.

UGH. I have not had enough wine to deal with this.

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