What a hateful disgusting child abusing woman. Preschoolers were enjoying being at a botonical garden. Carly led these kids away for her speech on abortion. One speaker showed a poster of a fetus and said this was the face of “abortion”.

Sorry let kids be kids. Soon enough they will face the reality of life and adult issues. There is no reason to bring a preschooler to an abortion rally. I do not care if its prochoice or not.

Sure the children may understand next to nothing. They will probably grasp words “baby” and “killing”.

I am seething right now. These kids cannot vote anyways so why even lure them to a rally. Of course my second issue is how exactly did she lure them? Didn’t these kids have supervision?


I recall in grade school about 9 years old a nun reading us a story about a little girl who was excited about seeing flowers with her mother. The next day she was aborted. That story which is quite humungous bullshit and utterly nonsensical stayed with me for decades. It has never really left my memory. Yet that 9 year old boy bought the story. The boy being me.

Now to see preschoolers subjected to this? As Boehner would say “hell no”.

These kids will lose their innocence soon enough lets try to preserve it. For Carly to do this sorry that’s child abuse. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/…