I just love this movie so much. For so many reasons! First of all, it passes the motherfucking Bechdel test (actually, I'm somewhat sure that most of the movies on our club list do!). But mostly, it's creepy, freaky, and maximizes its low-budget production values really impressively. And it holds up really well for being 50 years old.

I'll post more questions in a bit, but here are some starter thoughts. Please jump in and start your own threads, too! I'd envisioned this chat being a little less structured/more informal anyway.

-Music! How did you feel about the use of music for storytelling? I LOVE that this movie is very classic "dramatic organ music" but that it makes sense because she's an organist. And how good is that organ playing scene??

-What freaked you out the most? Did you find the silent man frightening?

-The creepy neighbor. THAT IS ALL. Ugh. True to life.

-I just love the carnival and mirror imagery.

-Did you suspect the ending? Did the instances of "disappearing" intrigue or get to you?