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Carolina Coast Recs?

Any GTers familiar with the Carolina Coast? HomeyHeart and I have never been but we have a week off and are thinking it'd be nice to check out that area.

I suggested Savannah but Homey would rather go a bit further north as he thinks we'll avoid crazy humidity.

We're not superbig on gettin' our drank on, so a party central place might not work so much for us. We're more outdoorsy, looking for places we can be active and maybe see some stuff off the beaten path. Low key, casual stuff is more our speed.


I'm thinking a cabin near the beach with some good hiking and maybe historical sites would be good. Anybody know of places for sure to hit or avoid?

Oh! And we're looking for the end of June as our travel window, if that changes your ideas at all. :)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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