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Carpe Librum Theme - Book you were recommended that you now recommend!

(Scratching my original idea - lets go forth! Since people are adding theirs now, instead of waiting a week to post mine - I'll just do a round up of the comments next time I post! Still looking for a punny name though Carpe reminds me of fishandry.)

Since this is the first week, I want to go with the reason I wanted to start this so (and a fairly easy theme I think): a book that you were recommended that you now recommend! Your recommendation doesn't have to be long or detailed! Please add in comments.


Mine is Independent People - recommended to be by my dear friend who hails from Iceland. Independent People is by Halldór Laxness, the only Icelandic Nobel laureate. The simple way of describing this book is that it is about a sheep farmer and his family's (mainly Bjartur, the farmer and his daughter Asta Solija) struggle to become independent from various different things. Its beautiful and heartbreaking epic interwoven with Icelandic lore and sagas. This book was out of print in the US for about 50 years - some think due to McCarthy era perceptions about Laxness' communist sympathies - put this new edition was done in 2009. The writing is outstanding and I can't recommend it enough.

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