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I have a pretty long post coming up on Sunday for my DBT section.

tl;dr I had to go to Emergency. I’m okay. The right side of my face froze, as I thought it’s Bell’s Palsy.


ANYWAY, that’s a long story for Sunday because I used all my DBT skills to get myself through that. I wasn’t going to go, but I knew how bad that would be if it was something else. As much as I talk about dying passively, I can’t let my brain get more injured.

I made myself walk there to calm down (yes, I know irresponsible but I knew I wasn’t sick enough not to walk.) It was past 2 in the morning. No one on the streets and then I turn a corner and this guy driving a sedan is driving without his lights on.


He slows down as he sees me and then flashes his lights at me. I keep walking, using a mix of DBT skills, failed Krav Maga lessons, and PTSD rage to make myself huge. He slows down even more, and more and stares me. I stare him down my rage eyes. I keep walking and he drives off.


Creeped the shit out of me.


What the fuck was that?

Creepy guy?

Creepy John?

Creepy Asshole?

Oh ya, it was my birthday too. hahaha

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