(Totally missed there is an OT right before this but do whatchu wanna) I’m still having difficulty making our new(er) dog poop outside and the ground was wet this morning so there was no chance. Usually, in this case, I find a little poop somewhere when I get home but this morning she fucking NINJA POOPED right behind me while I was at the kitchen counter making coffee and I stepped in it with my BARE FEET.

AND my right eye won’t stop watering!

AND when I was driving across the longest bridge in the world which is heavily policed, driving 4 over the speed limit in cruise control (which I’ve decided is the safest but fastest speed), someone rode my ass like TEN MILES in the right lane. Pass me! WTF? In Louisiana it’s the law that you pass on the left. There was plenty of room to pass.


AND I couldn’t find my glasses this morning because I am blind without them. Usually I have “safe spots” where I know to look but I absent-mindedly just set them down somewhere last night.

AND something very sinister is brewing in my digestive system right now. I’m not sure what it is but I’m worried about it.


Open thread. Or not. Or whatever.