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So daylight savings, so I’m sleepy. But got to work eventually. Got here, my computer was telling me “Your password expires in 14 days”. Not unusual- they have our passwords set to expire every 90 days, so no biggie. I figure, hey, I can change my password now, and then by Friday I will be used to my new password (they have our main password synched up to like 90% of applications we use) and won’t forget it over the weekend. LET’S DO THIS! Change my password, new password is accepted, I think everything is kosher. Start working, running reports on last week’s productivity, as you do when your a boss and it’s Monday. Get to one reporting service and it won’t accept my new password. Like the semi-caffeinated person I am, I typed my new password one too many times, and got locked out. But not just out of that reporting application, oh know. Remember when I said “main password synched up to like 90% of applications we use”? YEAH I CAN’T DO SHIT NOW. Can’t get into anything. Can’t get into the I.T. help desk website where I could change my password because it requires my password WHICH IS LOCKED. I’m afraid to leave my desk because if I lock my computer I may not be able to get back in. I am currently listening to some chamber music on hold, because the wait time on the I.T. help line is 25 minutes. Had to borrow someone else’s call in number for a 9 am call I couldn’t host because I couldn’t get into my WebEx/ call in account. And I'm about out of coffee. ALRIGHT I GET IT UNIVERSE IT IS MONDAY. THANKS FOR THE REMINDER. UGH.


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