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CNN had a special on this case. I was not on GT then, not anywhere actually. Did GT exist then?

I was sickened by the case. I followed it closely. One guest compared Casey’s lawyer to Trump saying if you tell a lie enough times folks believe it.

Until the trial I was convinced Casey had done it. Her motivation to me was simply she wanted to be free and saw her daughter as stopping her. During this time I strongly disliked her father. He came across as domineering and seemed to be bully like.


The trial started and George was on the stand. Maybe if he slugged her lawyer I would not have doubted her guilt. During his questioning doubts started to form. I went from “she is guilty” to “maybe he did it”. Her lawyer presented good arguments on the surface. Part of me knew it was a lie but enough doubt crept in. Of course I already disliked him so it did as I realized let me question if he had a role in the granddaughter’s death.

Over the years I have become convinced about her role. The Firefox search discovered a year later cemented it. On her search history was a search on fool proof choking methods.

My attitude about George also softened. Sure he came across as domineering and bullying yet because of the family in a nightmare maybe he believed he thought his family minus Casey needed protection.

I always felt sorry for Cindy. She always seemed torn between finding justice for Caylee and to protect Casey. A nightmare situation her daughter put her through well she put her father in same situation. Also she let people think he killed his granddaughter.


I have read but not sure how true it is that her parents nor brother will speak to her. I believe she had one sibling.

What are your thoughts on case?

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