An 18 year old high school student tried to get a law in NH changed. The law says a 13 year old girls and 14 year old boys can marry. Essentially the state allows for child brides. Sadly the bill failed. I cannot believe 18 democrats voted against it.

Reason: the bill was changed from 16 and 17 with parental approval to 18 no exceptions. Seriously no reason to vote against it. I think 21 should be the age, no exceptions. Let them experience more experiences in life and experience some if not all independence like working and or college and or living away from home.

The Republican Bates gave a stupid excuse using military and pregnancy.

This high school student tried for that she needs to be commended for it. She put in the research let this be her first phase into politics and speaking for children.

I am ashamed that a New England states allows for child brides. New Hampshire deserves on days like this the nickname “Arkansas with Snow”.