I need your knowledges.

I'm finishing up my Christmas list and will be including a request for a cast iron pan... but which one? I've narrowed it down to two, but I just don't know which one to choose.

There's this one:

Pros are that it has a lid and the more traditional flat bottom that I'm looking for. Con is that it's more expensive (which is negligible in this situation and this one comes with a lid) and I don't know if I'm right to prefer the flat bottom.

And there's this one:


Pro is that it's less expensive (again, negligible). Con is the lid and the curved shape.

So GTers, which shall I choose? Does the flat bottom thing matter? I know having a lid would be valuable, but a lid can be purchased for the second option. I'm also open to other product suggestions provided they would be available in Canada.


Update: Well, that was a quick decision. #1 it is! Now we can move on to more interesting subjects... What crazy antics can I get up to with this thing?