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Casting the GT Movie

I was horsing around on a neighboring forum (Don't hate - a girl's gotta branch out!) and somehow the, "Who would play [this commenter] in a movie" game got started.

One of my favorite former GTers suggested a series of Kirsten Dunst characters as me.

If my students were playing this game and stuck with this actress, they'd chose this version of KD:

This one was suggested by the other commenter:


This is pretty freaking hilarious to me, because when I think of myself, I think more like:

And if you've ever seen my photo, I in no way resemble either of these ladies ... except occasionally, Bellatrix and I rock the same unkempt hair.


So GT, I ask you. If our forum were a movie, who would play FluterDale?

Who would play you?

Other commenters?

Entertain me. It's Wednesday.

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