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Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled CASTLE OPEN THREAD, 10 PM PACIFIC [UPDATING]

In which we start at the very first episode at 10 pm Pacific. That gives you over 30 minutes to find it.


ETA: This is a user-defined marathon and I recommend sidereel for finding things. In my case, marathon will end at midnight because I have to teach tomorrow.

Intermittent liveblog:

Season 1, Ep 1:

OMG the flirting. I actually noticed.

DAT EYEBROW. I think Fillion and Cumberbatch are the only two people with expressive eyebrows whom I respond to.


Done ep 1. Getting food.

Ep 2:

"You are my inspiration. In so many ways." Uhhhhhhh this bothers me, even if it's Fillion. Not cool.


OMG. The plot was so good.

Now I'm all teary at the bit with Alexis and Castle.

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