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I'm on level 209 of Candy Crush right now and I don't entirely understand the point of Dreamland (if anyone would care to enlighten me). I haven't spent much money on any of these games, though I can see how you can end up blowing a ton of money on microtransactions because it can take so long to get through a level. Though there is like one guy on my friends queue who is all the way near the end and I know that he's the type just to do it through tenacity and it makes me angry and competitive and hungry. DAMN YOU CANDY CRUSH.


Other games I have found addictive/played too much and am slightly embarrassed about playing frequently but not really that embarrassed—only saying that to stave off preemptive judging:

Drop 7: It's kind of like a cross between Tetris and Sudoku.

Dragonvale: I have been playing this for over a year. Now anyone who knows me knows I like playing any game— from Persona to the Cooking/Alchemy skill in Final Fantasy XI to Harvest Moon to Little Alchemy— where I can take two things and make a new thing. A NEW THING. A DRAGON. If you judge, well FORGET THIS POST. If you play, LET'S EXCHANGE INFO AND GEMS AND STUFF.

Bread kittens: I actually finished this game and even got my special battle cats, like the Colonel and some really bitchin' Cheetah. It combines two things I love the most, bread and cats and it references memes and I love that too. They also have a new game called "Nomasaurus Rex" where a dinosaur eats ice cream very fast and you have to make sure they don't get caught by falling stacks of ice cream (the impending ice age) or their own gluttony. I enjoy that as well.

What say you, commentariat?

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