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You know, everyone has that one friend who's ignorant. Well today she posted this

which, AS WE ALL KNOW, is an urban myth. And it's an urban myth that is racist, classist, homophobic and really fucking...just wrong.


So I linked to the Snopes.com article and said something like "and btw, what is so terrifying about straight men adopting styles started by gay men? Or is a disenfranchised, largely minority population that you find so distasteful?"

She replied "whatever, I just think they look ridiculous." So I responded " So it's ok to spread damaging, hurtful, racist and homophobic disinformation because you think a style is 'ridiculous.' Got it." So she deleted the post and told me that if I wish to "snark" on her page I should contact her privately.

So here's the thing. I get that no one likes getting called out publicly. But ya know, she OBVIOUSLY knows she was wrong because she deleted the post. Was I juvenile for calling her out in public? Yeah...kind of. I've been feeling shitty and my filter was way off this morning. I could have sent her an email that said "hey that's wrong. Maybe you should take it down." I could smooth things over. I've known her for almost 35 years and she's a family friend and reasons.

BUT I DON'T WANT TO! I'm tired of casual racism and homophobia being ok. I'm tired of having to tread around people's hurt fee-fees when I point out that they are engaging in actions that hurt so many people. I'm tired of feeling like I have to point out the consequences of bullshit, like the high mental illness and suicide rates of gay minorities, I'm just...fucking...tired.

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