I'm not trying to ignore the other thing.

I just quite literally cannot speak to anyone in my life about it, and I'm not good at the secrets until I die thing. I hope I don't seem dramatic. I just needed...something. I don't know what. That post will probably self destruct later.

I don't care if it's lame or weird or even unhealthy—you guys have buoyed me during a few critical times, and I know others have benefited from the same support. I can't overstate how important you are to me. I hope I can, at least a few times during my time here, provide the same level of support to someone.

Sooooooo, Casual Sex. I started it, because I remember it being amazing and campy, but so far it's mostly boring. Any HBO Go movie recommendations? Nothing that requires too much attention. I really want to see True Detective but my attention span is not all there.