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Cat adoption update: Foster Meeting-It was love at first sight.

I paid the adoption fee in full and then added a donation on top of that. I just have to order all of the supplies off of Amazon and then I will bring her home sometime within the next week.

She is so delicate in person, and her ginger fur is just gorgeous. For her situation, and for meeting for the first time, she did great. Mostly she watched me from behind a scratching post but we maintained eye contact, she stayed out in the open, snaked around my legs, ate from the food dish in front of me, let my friend pet her, and visually followed some toys, though she didn’t interact with them. No pets for me yet but I am content to sit and let her come to me when she is ready. The foster gave me a lot of tips for helping her adjust, and will remain in contact with me if I have additional questions or just want to send her updates.

Anyway-Pictures! Thanks everyone for following along and offering your advice/sharing your kitty stories ❤️


Meet Bonny:


Her IG is public and the handle is @bonnycomehome for anyone who wants to follow! I don’t think I have anything doxxy on there, just my location.

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