So I have this cat, Cori. My boyfriend (now husband) adopted Cori in about 2001, so she’s been with us pretty much all our adult lives. She’s 17 or so now.

And Cori has chronic renal failure. She’s been to the vet for it a couple times; she’s on a special diet and an herbal supplement. But she’s old and sick, and she must be uncomfortable. And the way she’s showing her discomfort is peeing and pooping every-freaking-where. Like, we’re mopping up cat bodily fluids two or three times a day.

It is not pleasant. Our house is starting to smell like a litterbox.

We keep circling the topic of having her put to sleep. It feels cruel to end her life since she’s not actually in constant pain at every moment. And she does still eat and drink and cuddle with my husband. She still sleeps next to him at night. I hate the idea of ending her because she has inconvenient bathroom habits.


But to be blunt: Neither of us feels like we love her enough to want to mop up cat pee multiple times every single day. We have jobs and kids. We have a lot going on without adding a sick cat to the mix.

Is it morally okay for us to put her to sleep? Or does that make me a terrible person? I don't think rehoming is an option, given her age and physical condition, so it's pretty much put her down or keep dealing with the pee until she goes naturally. I'm leaning to putting her down but I feel awful about it. Thoughts?