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Cat Advice Needed

On Dec. 26, I adopted a new cat. At the shelter, I was able to hold him and pet him and he seemed distracted but — fine. I was told that he had come from an animal hoarding situation so he wasn’t at all bothered by other animals, and that he had been in the shelter for a long time and that they left his cage open and he wandered around in the exam rooms. He’s an 8 year old altered male, and he’s overweight.

When I brought him home, I set him up under my bed with food, a litter box and his bed that he loves that they gave me at the shelter. During the night, he went downstairs and got under the bed in my guest room, and — he hasn’t come out since. I put his bed there and he has a box and food, and he comes out to use all that, just not when I’m there. My other cat was curious about him at first but now she seems to kind of regard him as furniture. I have my dog blocked away, mainly so that she won’t eat up his food. A couple of times when I’ve kind of wedged myself under the bed to pet him he has ... acted like a cat?? But usually he just turns around and steps out of reach. I’ve tried to tempt him with a cat dancer and the first time, he reacted to it somewhat like other cats do, but since then he just ignores it. I’ve tried catnip and he didn’t react to it at all.


I have had upwards of 30 cats in my time, including feral cats who took a long time to gentle themselves. This cat doesn’t seem scared, I think I would recognize that. He sits under there calmly, with his paws folded. I’ve honestly never experienced anything like this in my life and I am perplexed.

Jackson Galaxy’s site says we shouldn’t leave food out all the time and suggests that he’d come out if he was hungry but I dunno. What do you think, cat people of GT??

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