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Cat Advice Needed

The cat I adopted on Dec. 26 (8yo male) is slightly more used to my house, but he still runs away if he sees me when he’s on his way to his food or something. He goes up and down the stairs a lot, he likes to hang out on the third floor and he uses the cat box on the first floor, and he food is down there too (this is because at first he was living under the bed on the first floor — for almost 2 months). If I catch him in a mellow mood he lets me pet him a little or brush him (which he sometimes seems to like), but after a few minutes he’s out of there. I’m totally prepared to give him all the space he needs, I’m an introvert myself. However, he meows at night and I’m not sure what he wants. Websites say take him to a vet but I really don’t want to traumatize him by trying to catch him and put him in a carrier, etc. There is water and food out that he can get to, and if I’m in bed, he isn’t afraid I’ll come after him or anything. I do have another cat and a dog, but the dog sleeps with me and he’s not afraid of either one of them (and he doesn’t play with them either, he just kind of ignores them). It doesn’t sound like a distressed meow, but — I don’t know. I’m ready to give this cat any little thing he might want but he’s really hard to read. Any suggestions from Team Cat??


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