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Cat balls (of which I know nothing!)

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ETA: I am wrong - it's not the balls, but it is the ball sack. And perhaps fat cats have big sacks, because Duncan and my Edgar have an impressive amount. I'm off to try and get a photo! Thanks Aloe-Vera :)


you guys, this is totally inane but I'm sitting outside in my pjs (at noon) and I just recalled a great story about cat balls (because my daughter was petting the cat's butt - Seriously, why?)

My mom has this giant fat cat, who I'll call Duncan. He's fricking adorable, super fat, and he smells like Cheerios.


We're sitting around and somehow neutering comes up, and my mom says they castrate the cats. I'm like "um, no. Duncan is neutered, you can SEE his balls right now."

My mom: where? I just see his tail and that furry bump.

My little sister: heehee that bump is so cute, I love to pet it.


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