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Cat Cancer Fun-a-palooza!

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This is Madison. Husband's mom found her as a sick kitten and he bottle fed her from there. This morning, I felt under her arm where two little lumps have been. I felt a lower flatter mass all around her arm pit and kinda on her chest.


We just got our federal tax refund back and we need to get the animals started at a vet (a few blocks away) so I scheduled a visit.

Husband freaks out easily about his cats so I'm the best person for this.

She got a needle biopsy and we will get the results early next week. The vet seemed as positive as she could be without knowing the results that it's cancerous. Connective tissue cancer or maybe mammary because it's close to her nipple. She gave an estimate of $600 for surgery though I'm guessing it'll be higher since it's a larger mass and may be connected down around her nipple.



Currently, one of our OTHER cats who gets freaked out by the kennels being out is HIDING. Haven't seen him since leaving for the vet. And you BET I haven't told HUSBAND about THAT! I didn't want to tell him about the cancer possibility until later tonight but decided to tell him anyways.


So yeah. Current stress is Nugget coming out from wherever the fuck he's hiding so I can go to nanny. Longer stress? How my husband is going to handle having his little Daddy's girl of a cat sick and of course the kitty herself.

Fuck. Double fuck. Triple fuck with a soufflé on top.

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