Ok, maybe conundrum isn't the best word. But I like alliterative titles.

So, as I mentioned earlier in the week, MrManzana and I are moving on Tuesday. And we discussed things and decided to wait about a month or two before getting a cat. But, we were in the pet supply store tonight getting treats for the bunny, and they had several cats on display from the Humane Society.

I know what you're thinking. "No, MrsManzana, you couldn't possibly have been stupid enough to go hold one of the cats!" Hah. You don't know me at all. I saw the perfect cat, and I had to cuddle her. So did MrManzana.

This little kitty was the runt, so she won't grow to be much bigger than a kitten. She is gray with stripes. She is playful and gets along well with other animals. She is snuggly and affectionate. She settled right into me and it was a perfect fit. In short, she is my ideal cat.

We took home an adoption application. Just in case. Just to think about it. I am all in. I want that kitty. I need her. She is my cat, I can feel it. My husband, however, is more of a take-your-time guy with decisions. He says we need to wait and think it over. I say that if we wait, someone else will snap her cute little fuzzy self up.


In short, send good thoughts our way that we can make a decision, and both be happy with it. Or use any psychic powers to convince MrManzana that we need to get this cat right away. Whichever you prefer.

*Edited because my original gif wasn't working.